The Campervan park “Il Fiore della Duna” was born from a project of passionate people who wanted to develop a tourism in contact with nature and it offers the best services to those who want to enjoy the beauties of Cilento and explore these enchanting places with the best of comfort.
The name owes its origin to the famous flower that blooms on the dunes before the coasts, the so-called Giglio di Mare. The steady extinction of the flower over the years, due to the massive concreting and the increasing number of bathing resorts, has drawn the attention of those who have at heart the environment safeguard. This mutual commitment has led to the creation of a dedicated area to allow the flower to grow in order to ensure the regeneration, and it rises in the neighbourhood of the campervan parking site. In doing so, the Giglio di Mare could continue to bloom unhindered, and the tourists who decide to visit this area will have the chance to discover one of their most enchanting symbols.
Protected by centuries-old olive trees, Il Fiore della Duna caravan park is totally immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, surrounded by extraordinary landscapes that make the whole environment relaxing and comfortable, and it offers peaceful moments to those who want to spend their vacation in a natural and untouched location.
From the crystal-clear sea and the golden beaches to the landscapes rich in green and vegetation: the marine and mountainous environment melt together creating a perfect combination of colours and beauty, giving the tourist the most thrilling experience they could ever had. The campervan area offers all the services for the most satisfactory staying to encounters the needs of our visitors, who will also have the possibility to easily reach the nearest touristic places in the Cilento area.
Il Fiore della Duna is very close to the seaside: a few minutes walk and you will be enjoying the sand and the beautiful shore of Villammare, the town where the campervan park is located. You will also have the chance to enjoy the beach services offered by the lidos located a short distance away from the campervan park.
In addition, a “grocery shopping” service will be activated: the guests who wish to purchase any food or beverage they just have to make their requests to the person in charge and they will receive their shopping without any efforts.
Il Fiore della Duna is located in a strategic position for those who are willing to travel around and discover Cilento. Furthermore, due to its strategic position, those who are willing to travel around can easily reach the areas close to the Cilento coast. A few km away for example, along the SS 18, you can reach the coasts of Basilicata and admire the beautiful beaches of Maratea, or heading to the coasts of Calabria and discover the stunning shores of Praia a Mare and Scalea.