The Gulf of Policastro extends along the Tyrrhenian coast starting from Punta degli Infreschi, in the Park of Cilento, which descend to the northern part of Calabria, up to Capo Scalea. The Gulf covers three regions of the South of Italy: in fact, in addition to the aforementioned regions of Calabria and Campania, it also includes the region of Basilicata. A succession of suggestive locations rich in naturalistic beauties and a blue and crystal-clear sea are the frames of these spectacular coastlines, where golden beaches alternate with rocky stretches that hide coves and inlets, creating idyllic spots to discover. The Gulf of Policastro owes its name from Policastro Bussentino, the ancient city of Pixous, originally a colony of the city of Reggio Calabria, then renamed by the Romans Buxentum. Sapri, Maratea, Praia a Mare, are some of the resorts that rise along the coast of the Gulf of Policastro; they offer the views over unique landscapes that guarantees the visitors an authentic experience discovering the traditional cuisine and places rich in history and culture.