The Sea Daffodil (Pancratium Maritimum), also known as Giglio Pancrazio, is a flower that spontaneously sprouts on the dunes before the sandy Mediterranean beaches, similar to the narcissus for its charcteristic white colour. The exploitation of the coastal resources for touristic purposes and the establishing of beach resorts along the coastline, have slowly reduced the surface where the flowers once flourished, causing the nearly complete disappearance.

Legend has it that the flower was originated from the Greek goddess Hera; having found the little Heracles before the of walls of Thebes, she decided to breastfeed him; however, due the inhuman strength of the baby, he forced the goddess to detach him from her breast, dropping a few drops of her milk : some of them dispersed in the sky, creating the Milky Way; others instead, ended up on earth and gave birth to this wonderful flower.

Nowadays many are the efforts made in the attempt to slow down the steady disappearance of this rare flower specimen, with the aim to safeguard the biodiversity of the territory from the slow and inexorable extinction of many species that once grew undisturbed.