Villammare, hamlet of Vibonati, is a small city located along the Cilento coast and it is one of the most favourite destination of the tourists who choose the beaches of the town as a vacation spot. Totally immersed in a completely unspoiled environment, it is the perfect place for those who want to spend their holidays by the sea and enjoy some relaxing time without renouncing to have some fun or the discover the best of the local tradition. Although few historical facts are certain about the city, it seems that the ancient Greeks had named "Petrasia" the nucleus of houses built on the rocks where Villammare now stands. The beach of Villammare is considered a pearl in the Gulf of Policastro, and many tourists choose this location every year for the wonderful sea, which has been awarded the Blue Flag for several years. The entire coast is characterised by the Mediterranean dunes and covered with the characteristic Pancratium Maritimum, best known as sea daffodil. Some of the places that we suggest to visit are the Petrosa Tower, built in 1595 to tackle the Turkish and Saracen invasions from the sea and the church of Maria Santissima di Portosalvo, located in the centre of the city and consecrated to the Virgin Mary protector of the fishermen, to whom the feast is dedicated every second Sunday of August.

Scario 11 km

Da Scario, in barca si raggiunge uno dei tratti più belli della costa, rappresentato da Baia Infreschi e Cala Bianca, due splendide insenature circondate da un mare cristallino e da spiagge incontaminate, il tutto racchiuso in un meraviglioso angolo di macchia mediterranea. Cala bianca prende il suo nome dai ciottoli di colore bianco che ricoprono la spiaggia di questa piccola oasi naturale, dove il mare è azzurro e le rocce, ricoperte dal verde lussureggiante della vegetazione, avvolgono completamente l'insenatura. Il nome di Baia Infreschi invece, deriva dalla fonte di acqua dolce e fredda che si trova all’interno della Grotta. Con la loro architettura naturale, gli alberi di ulivo secolari che ricoprono interamente l’entroterra e guardano alle meravigliose spiagge immacolate, baciate da un mare cristallino, questi due capolavori naturali sono una meta obbligata per i turisti che prediligono i paradisi naturali. È possibile visitare questi due angoli di paradiso prenotando un’escursione in barca dal porto di Scario o, se siete amanti del trekking, attraverso il sentiero che da Marina di Camerota conduce a Porto Infreschi e permette di giungere fino a Cala Bianca.

Palinuro 34 km

Known as “The pearl of Cilento”, Palinuro is characterised by a crystal-clear sea and wide sandy beaches that stretch along the coastline and are alternated with walls of rocks, whose erosion has contributed to create natural caves accessible only by the sea. Palinuro is a lovely destination for those visitors who are attracted by the particular shape of its territory. The coastline of Palinuro offers the opportunity to discover the fascinating charm of the marine environment combined with the majesty of its rocky walls. Discover the natural caves of Palinuro and dive into the blue of their marvellous waters: you can visit the Grotta Azzurra, one of the most famous of these natural caverns, known for the turquoise colour of its waters, or the Grotta del Sangue, characterised by the intense red colour of its walls. It is also worth the visit of the Mingardo Beach and, a few km away, the Arco Naturale, a rock structure rising from the sea which hides a completely unspoiled inlet. For those who do not want to miss to taste the local cuisine, many typical restaurants flourish all around the city, where the best of the Cilento tradition and the excellent dishes made of fresh fish and seafood are served.

Cala Bianca and Porto Infreschi 20km

A few km away from Palinuro, one of the most outstanding stretches of Camerota is represented by Baia Infreschi and Cala Bianca, two amazing bays surrounded by a crystal-clear sea and wild and unspoiled shores, wrapped up in the wonderful frame of the Mediterranean scrub. Cala Bianca takes its name from the white pebbles covering the seacoast that gives access to this natural oasis, where the sea has a light blue colour and the rocks, covered by a lush vegetation, surround the entire bay. Baia Infreschi owes the origin of its name to a source of fresh and cold water which springs inside its cavern. The natural architecture of the caves, the centuries-old olive trees covering the inland which cherish a stunning view over the untamed beaches, kissed by the blue water of the sea, are two natural masterpieces which deserve to be visited by those tourists who are eager to discover these heavens on earth. You can visit these two slices of heaven booking an excursion by boat from the port of Camerota or, if you love trekking, you can walk through the path that leads from Marina di Camerota to Porto Infreschi, until you finally arrive to Cala Bianca.